Gotye and Thai Pop: They’ve Got Something in Common

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Gotye, the Australian artist of Belgian descent , has had a zillion hits on his youtube video for the song “Somebody I Used to Know”, which features a singer named Kimbra, who comes into the song to say why the two lovers really broke up.  The guy wanted friendship if the romance soured but got cut off completely;  The gal’s version is that she got screwed over by him and wasn’t about to take it anymore.

Usually you don’t get two points of view in a love song.  But in Thai music, you often do.  Here are two videos,  Gotye’s much-viewed one, and one of a Thai pop song where two singers sing the story of the love affair, while two actors act out the story.  So in both videos you get both sides of a love story, the only difference is that there are four characters performing it in the Thai version.


and the Thai song: