Grenda: Blue Blood of the Mexican Electronic Scene

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Last June, as I walked around the cliff-side venue at the All My Friends music festival in Baja California, a minimalist electronic sound emanated from one of the smaller side stages that hypnotized and drew me in.

As the sun was setting along the Pacific Ocean, the solo figure up on stage performing a melodic type of chillwave electro ushered the mid sized crowd into the darkness of night graciously.

Grenda had stolen the show.

A native Baja Californian, and merely 17 years old, Eduardo Amezcua aka Grenda, is proving to already be a prodigious musician. Untouchable Skin, his second album in two years, demonstrates incredible maturity and an understanding of melodious choreography the likes of Flume, SBTRKT, and Chet Faker.

It’s not surprising that he comes from musical pedigree. He is the son of Ramon Amezcua Sanchez aka Bostich of the famed Tijuana outfit Nortec Collective.

I don’t imagine growing up as the offspring of a groundbreaking artist and spending time in the studio observing him, craft amazing records and being around other great musicians, hurt in the slightest bit.

On the other side of that coin, there is the precedent of an insurmountable achievement to live up to if you want to be a musician like your dad.

Despite all that, with two short albums, Eduardo Amezcua has not only achieved to establish himself as an emerging artist and skilled producer, but also managed to completely avoid ever stepping in the shadow of his father. Strong.

Grenda will perform alongside greats Rodrigo Amarante & Leon Larregui on July 8th at Summerstage in Central Park. If you are heading out to this free show, get there early, you will not be disappointed  this burgeoning talent.