Guards: Artist You Should Know

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Guards’ debut album was a grower for me. It was highly anticipated after a 2010 EP release, but for some reason it took me a bit to come around.

Now, over halfway through the year, I’m realizing that “In Guards We Trust” is one of the most solid indie pop releases I’ve been privy too.

Some of the songs, like my favorite “Ready to Go” grabbed me instantly. With the church bells, layered harmonies and fists-in-the-air chorus chant, it’s pretty undeniable.

Jason gravitated to the track “Heard the News” for MBE spins.

The trio of Richie James Follin, Loren Humphrey and Kaylie Church had slots at Lollapalooza and Coachella and are headed to LA this weekend for FYF Fest before hitting the road with Queens of the Stone Age and MGMT.

Catch em while you can and follow their tour exploits here.