Hear Beach House’s “Teen Dream” On Demand!

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Beach House has generated a healthy amount of music blog buzz over the last year for their dreamy, lushly orchestrated indie rock sound. I saw them open for Grizzly Bear at the Palladium, but it wasn’t until I threw on their album at home this weekend that I fully realized what all the fuss is about. I should have known something special was going on since KCRW DJs are spinning so many different songs from the record – always a good sign. Also, as their press info says, “Teen Dream is one of those records that feels right both late at night, early on a Sunday morning, or keeping you company on a long road trip.”  I know it’s a little early to say, but this CD will be a contender for a best of list at the end of the year – definitely take this opportunity to stream the entire CD over the next 30 days here.

Beach House
Beach House (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Oh, and for those of you that will be pledging during KCRW’s Subscription Drive starting Friday, “Teen Dream” will be among the CD titles offered (along with about 100 other) as a gift with a $50 membership. Think about beefing up your CD collection and donating to your favorite radio station.