Henry Rollins’ latest: Prepping “Gutterdämmerung” with Iggy Pop

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The band powering the show is Iggy’s band and it’s great to hang out with them. I met them several weeks ago at Riot Fest in Chicago. All really good guys and great players.

By the time this broadcast airs on Sunday, I will be in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The next few days will be a bit of a blur to say the least.

Therefore, it’s a good thing this show was done in advance! It is a great show, full of a lot of the records we have been following lately as well as paying attention to the fact that it is November.

I am actually getting some fall like weather out here. We have had a little rain, some overcast skies and great smelling air. Too bad we’re stuck in a windowless box for nine hours day doing things over and over, but that’s the nature of production.

We hope you enjoy the show. I have played it a few times through and think it turned out well. Until next week, listen to a lot of music and STAY FANATIC!!!

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Hour 1

01. Iggy Pop – Sister Midnight / The Idiot
02. David Bowie – Sons of the Silent Age / Heroes
03. Wand – Broken Sun / 1000 Days
04. Le Butcherettes – My Mallely / A Raw Youth
05. Wire – Fragile / Pink Flag
06. Fuzz – Bringer Of Light / Fuzz II
07. Kraftwerk – Ätherwellen / Radio-Aktivität
08. Captain Beefheart – Golden Birdies / Clear Spot
09. La Hell Gang – Everywhere I Go / Thru Me Again
10. Barbecue Bob – Thinkin’ Funny Blues / Complete Vol. 01
11. Sarah Mary Chadwick – Shards / Eating for Two
12. Drinks – Eighteen Teenage Revenge Pair / single b-side
13. The Fall – New Face In Hell / Grotesque

Hour 2

01. Soccer Team – Too Many Lens Flares / Real Lessons in Cynicism
02. Can – One More Night / Ege Bamyasi
03. Beauty Pill – The Cigarette Girl From The Future / same title
04. Lemon Kittens – Whom Do I Have to Ask? / Spoonfed and Writhing
05. Butch Willis & The Rocks – November Day / 1999 Teenbeat Sampler
06. Ulaan Khol – From There to Here / Salt
07. Unrest – Isabel / Perfect Teeth (7″ Box Set)
08. Adverts – Television’s Over / Singles Collection
09. Trin Tran – An. Man / Dark Radar
10. Zig Zags – Slime / Slime EP
11. Cluster – Halwa / Sowiesoso
12. Olivia Neutron-John – Vulnerability / Olivia Neutron-John