Henry Rollins on Miles Davis

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Listeners to Henry’s KCRW show know he is a HUGE jazz fan. He also has very strong opinions – and apparently his appearance on a recent podcast about Miles Davis divided some jazz loyalists. Whether you agree with Henry or not, you can’t argue with the fact that he is passionate and incredibly knowledgeable about music, so it is always enjoyable to hear him talk about artists he loves.


As Jazzonline.com founder Joseph Vella said:

“Both Miles and Henry share a fearless no-holds-barred attitude toward their respective endeavors as well as a refusal to be limited by labels and remain in the same box. I thought if anyone would appreciate the connection, it would be the jazz audience. If we are to learn anything from the legacy of Miles Davis, it would be that jazz knows no limits and is open to all.”

You  can hear Henry live on KCRW every Saturday from 6 to 8pm and find past shows in the archives.