Honey Honey: Local Band We Love

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I’ve worked at KCRW for Jason Bentley’s entire tenure as Music Director and when he really loves a record, I can just tell. As is the case with Honey Honey’s forthcoming release “Billy Jack” on Lost Highway Records (out October 24).  It’s clear the Americana sounds of LA-based duo of Suzanne Santo and Ben Jaffe have captured his attention.

Jason had thrown the CD into his player knowing nothing about the band (it was an advance copy that didn’t even have album art!) and was immediately taken aback by the lyrics of the first track, where Suzanne sings that she’s the “Angel of Death”.

“It was a head trip. It was a crazy concept, lyrically, and it caught me off guard.”

He’s also started spinning the official single, ”Turn That Finger Around”, which you can stream below and download on their website.

HoneyHoney – Turn That Finger Around by buzzbands

Check out the tracklist below and makes plans to see them when they play the Troubadour on November 13.


Billy Jack Track Listing:

1.  Angel of Death
2.  Glad I’ve Done What I Did
3.  Ohio
4.  Don’t Know How
5.  Turn That Finger Around
6.  I Don’t Mind
7.  Old School Friends
8.  Let’s Get Wrecked
9.  L.A. River
10. All On You
11. Thin Line