Husky: Artist You Should Know

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By KCRW DJ Valida:

Husky’s debut album on Sub Pop Records, “Forever So was released in July, but I was lucky to get a copy when I visited the label’s offices on my way to Sasquatch Music Festival in early May. My favorite song is ”Animals and Freaks”, a track so intensely beautiful I had to listen to it four times in a row.

Animals & Freaks by subpop

Upon my return back to LA I contacted the label and threatened to blow up the world if Husky didn’t play Desert Nights, an evening of music I curate at the Standard Hollywood. The fact that you’re reading this is a testament to Sub Pop’s love for the world because they played last month. You owe them one.

Even better, they surprised us with a cover of INXS’ “Need You Tonight”.

I love hearing a good cover –especially when the cover version is in a completely different style from the original. That’s when it makes the most sense.

I’m not as interested to hear a rock band cover another rock band. Or a folky female singer do a Joni Mitchell number with stripped-down instrumentation. However, when I hear a good one, the impression reverberates for a long time and often inspires a renewed love for the original.

When the Australian band played “Need You Tonight”, they made time stand still.  And I’m not sure whether it’s because it was so unexpected –a folky slowed-down rendition of a rock classic – or because it was so superbly and lovingly executed. Either way, it left every single person in the Cactus Lounge completely awe-struck.

So here…This is the sound of time standing still.

Husky – “Need You Tonight” (Live from Desert Nights)

— Valida