In the Deep End With Poolside’s Matthew Dear Remix

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Daytime disco juggernaut Poolside is doing it again. By it, I mean making everything they touch extraordinarily superchill.

In this instance, Filip & Jeffrey have sauntered up to Matthew Dear‘s phenomenal (and phenomenally menacing) single “Her Fantasy” and handed it a piña colada.

The first single off Dear’s remarkably solid Beams LP, “Her Fantasy” is an angsty, existential exploration of loves most uneasy feelings framed as sinewy disco house. It’s some seriously heavy jive. It’s also without a doubt, in my humble opinion, one of the most fascinating singles of the year.

Poolside have accomplished that rare thing where they’ve lightened up contrast on the track and given it an airy tone without sacrificing Dear’s dark heart at the center of the track. The remix is imbued with the drunken melancholy of a heartbroken partydude who has reached that part of the evening where he could either go stumble frighteningly into surly savage territory, or could just as easily become the goofy life of the party.

Poolside help things along by pushing that guy into the pool. And then jumping in after him too.

This is an invitation for the rest of the party to get loose, turn off the poolside lights, start taking clothes off and jump in too.

Matthew Dear – Her Fantasy (Poolside Remix) by ghostly

— Mario Cotto