Jacob Collier video exclusive

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When you think of YouTube sensations, jazz artists might not be the first to pop in your mind. However, that is the platform young Jacob Collier utilized to spread his music to a wide audience. Collier rose to prominence producing, looping and playing all of his instruments in videos from his personal music room. His debut album In My Room is out today and we’re pleased to present the exclusive video for, Hajanga.

The track is a perfect representation of his creative process, which begins and ends in – you guessed it – his room. Based in London, Jacob has mastered and incorporated styles of music such as jazz, fusion, trip-hop and even a cappella.

Today, Jacob is under the watchful eye of legendary record producer and manager, Quincy Jones. I recently had the opportunity to meet both Jacob and Quincy at one of Jacob’s performances.

Jones was incredibly enthusiastic: “He’s got perspective! He’s simply one of the best young talents in the world. There are plenty of jazz musicians who can perform on a stage, but I’ve yet to see anyone command the audience’s attention while simultaneously playing every instrument up there…by himself! He’s mastered his craft and has earned a seat at the table.”

Jacob’s new album In My Room features original songs and covers by Stevie Wonder and Brian Wilson. He’s a young artist to keep an eye on.