Jazzimodo: Artist You Should Know

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From KCRW Music Blog Contributor Jose Galvan:

When looking at the overall picture of Spanish language music, you come across a healthy dose of groups attempting to produce post trip-hop fusions.

Some combinations become jumbled up noise. While others, like what Sí*Sé, Yerba Buena or Pacha Massive achieve, are a sonic treat.

Chilean electro jazz trio Jazzimodo qualifies for the latter.

Caramelo by Jazzimodo

Comprised of seasoned jazz musicians Lautaro Quevedo (keyboardist), Hans Avila (drummer), and Paz Court (vocalist), Jazzimodo delivers exquisitely crafted fusions. Soothing jazz riffs permeate through swinging drum and piano solos on their eponymous release. Ambient breakbeats are subdued by the sultry voice of multi-linguist Paz Court. Melancholy tones infuse the backdrop of syncopated rhythms to create a Portishead meets Pink Martini meets Múm feel.

It’s refreshing to hear something other than catchy experimental pop from a Chilean band. With a new album set for release in June, it will be interesting to see how the band’s exploration of genre blending sounds has progressed.

— Jose Galvan