Jeremy Sole Offers a Sneak Peak of Quantic’s New Record + Interview

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Quantic KCRW interview-sm
KCRW DJ Jeremy Sole
offers a sneak peak of Quantic’s latest record and sits down with the prolific producer (also known as Will Holland) for a heartfelt and lively chat about his recording process, growing up in the UK, commonalities between Latin and Reggae music, and how his new record has married the two styles. Quantic has released a number of brilliant albums and remixes over his 10-year career and his latest – “Flowering Inferno: Dog With a Rope” — is out on the Tru Thoughts label.

From Jeremy: “Many who attempt to juxtapose multiple styles together, end up doing so at the expense of losing authenticity in each respective style. Our man Quantic however, blends the two in a way that purists of both genres would respect and appreciate.”

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