Jim And Sam: Artist You Should Know

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Photo by Lasse Mårtén

A friend introduced me to this local duo about a month ago, almost as an after thought.

“Oh,” he said as we were in the middle of discussing a completely different topic, “I need to send you my friends’ song, it might be good for your radio show.”

I’m always excited to hear those words, especially from someone whose taste I trust as much as that particular friend so I had to listen immediately.

By the end of the first chorus, I was obsessed.

Jim and Sam have such a clear ease in the way that they perform and harmonize with each other, likely helped by the fact that they’re also a couple.

Beyond that, their songs are impeccably written, structured, and arranged. They’re also so very pretty, and incredibly catchy; earworms in the best possible way.

I played the song — “My Body My Bones” — the next time I was on the air.

This was before the song was officially released as a single, and I found out from Jim that a couple of listeners reached out to them after hearing it on KCRW to find out when and where they could get it.

“My Body My Bones” is available now via iTunes, and there’s a full length album forthcoming.

You can (and should) catch them live for a FREE show at the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood on Wednesday, April 22 as part of Desert Nights hosted by KCRW’s own Valida. You can also see them at the Troubadour on May 8 opening for Jessie Baylin.