Jokers of the Scene on KCRW

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A couple weekends ago, I had the great pleasure of hosting the super rad dudes of Jokers of the Scene in the studio. Considering they’d literally come straightaway to the station from a San Diego DJ stint before heading back to Toronto and it was the middle of the night on a Saturday night, we decidedly didn’t indulge in any small talk and just jumped headlong into a blisteringly hot 33 minute set of brand new material.

Outside of the fact that I love their name (because it’s cheeky as hell and I relate to that sensibility on a number of levels,) I appreciate the Jokers (DJ Booth & Chameleonic) because not only are they really great dudes and stellar DJs, but because as producers and remixers they make a kind of cinematic electro-house hybrid that is really hypnotic and unique.

Their forthcoming release, JOT5 is an excellent digi-trip down the rabbit hole and is blessed with an array of excellent remixes from other rad dudes like the Cosmic Kids and Daniel Avery (aka Stopmakingme.)

Additionally, they previewed a track from their new project, Blank Capsule, which is an excursion into dark new wave territory. Their cover of Joe Crow‘s “Compulsion” is on point and reminiscent of Martin Gore‘s version, while doing it’s own thing altogether.

It was great having them by and I am stoked to see them again soon in the new year.

Check it out in the archives here.

-Mario Cotto