Josh Ritter: Artist You Should Know

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I’m a sucker for what I call “romantic pop” – artists like Pete Yorn, Brendan Benson, Josh Rouse and this fellow Josh Ritter.

(Of course that’s not all they play, but they are specialists in the genre in my opinion)

Josh will be performing live on Morning Becomes Eclectic on Monday and I’m sharing my favorite track from his latest album as a preview.

This album has a really interesting story. It’s his most personal yet as it catalogues the end of his marriage to fellow singer Dawn Landes (her album “Fireproof” is excellent).

He turns his raw and honest emotions about love, loss and renewal into songs. Heartbreak is fuel for songwriters and, as weird as it is to say, “The Beast in Its Tracks” benefits from his pain.

Check out another track,”New Lover”, which starts with the line “I can’t pretend that all is well, it’s like I’m haunted by your ghost”.

Rough stuff, but we’ve all been there.

Tune in on Monday for the live session!