Junior Boys’ Noise…

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Although Junior Boys put out an album last summer…there is still a lovely flurry of output from the Canadian duo that will hold us over until the next release. At the end of last year, Junior Boys released a monster single of an It’s All True track, “You’ll Improve Me” with a pair of banging remixes. One by Dem 2 and another killer version by Caribou.

As one good turn deserves another, Caribou’s Dan Snaith is releasing a spectacularly synaesthetic 12″ by Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan on Snaith’s Jiaolong imprint.

Until it’s release, we have it’s Soundcloud stream to revel in. But, both “Crown Princess” and “Guu” ratchet up Junior Boys’ more traditionally downtempo slo-mo vibes up a notch.

These are glorious techy workouts ready for the floor.

Crown Princess/GUU by Jeremy Greenspan

However, if you’re into the more atmospheric romantic aspects of the Junior Boys’ sound, they’ve recently given Joakim’s excellent track “Labyrinth” a lush rework that shuffles and sighs elegantly. Currently available, this is a sure fire way to get some new Junior Boys action.

Joakim – Labyrinth (Junior Boys Mix) by future classic

Although they’ve obviously already had a notable string of remixes and releases for years…this past month and a half have seen them in particularly strong form and whetting the appetite for more of their R&B-inflected ambienthouse electrofunk.