Kamasi Washington Live on KCRW: Re Run Home (Exclusive Version)

Written by
by Larry Hirshowitz
by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)
Kamasi solo By Larry Hirshowitz

(Behind the scenes: Kamasi Washington and an 8-piece band graced our studios for an incredible live session you can hear here.)

Kamasi Washington and the crew came through to KCRW in full high energy mode despite being an early morning sound check.

One by one each of the members checked their levels in the studio then ventured back outside. The conversations for the most part consisted of who can do what gig on what night around LA. It was a true jazz social scene in the band loading area.

Somehow the conversation turned into the latest viral video on WorldStar – followed by laughs – but once Kamasi and the band entered the studio, I wish I could say the jokes and laughs stopped, instead it continued.

These players have grown up with each other since an early age in Los Angeles and it seemed like the conversation continued with each horn note, drum solo and piano chord.

The conversation never stopped

In between songs you could hear more banter, jokes and praise of each other. Each face lighting up the same as it did after each solo.

While watching the band perform I could get a sense that anything can happen.

Despite each song being written and recorded, there were lots of “okay, hope this works, 1..2..3 and go!”

And it worked every time!

Editor’s Note: This is a special version of “Re Run Home” with lyrics written outside our studio just minutes before they started to record.