5 Songs to Hear This Week: DJ SiLVA dance floor edition

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This week we tossed the keys to KCRW DJ SiLVA to let her take us on a body-moving journey, as only she can. Her selections run the gamut of the dance music experience, from funky remixes to stripped-back rhythms to maximalist synths. Catch SiLVA every Friday from 10pm to 1am on KCRW (or anytime on demand) for some serious late nite groove-a-thons.

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Kartell (feat. Qendresa & Coops) - “Time (Franc Moody Remix)”

We’re starting strong with this sensual track by French DJ Kartell, remixed into the funky lane by dance duo Franc Moody. The lads from London are playing at the upcoming CRSSD fest in San Diego — and dance fans, listen up: tune in to MBE this week and you may catch some very special CRSSD content.

Arma - “Essential Percussive Jam”

Here’s a warm up for a hot night. Get your blood simmering with a track that’s all beat — no melody necessary. Foley-style sfx and one key vocal sample crown a chorus of bongos, big bass drums, and time-keepers in this foundational, stripped down dance track from DJ and producer Arma, straight out of London and packing percussive heat. 

Digitalism - “Hottest Record in the World” 

The ripcord’s been pulled, the lights are out, lasers are up, and baby, it’s on. This track from longtime electronic duo Digitliasm makes big promises and doesn't fall short. Featuring critical dance/house elements like building synths, a deep and funky bassline, and space invader pew-pews, this one’s sure to get your fist pumping.

Fellsius - “Show”  

Thought you knew where we were going, didn’t ya? This stunner from Tokyo’s Fellsius is a left-turn in all the right ways. Softcore instrumentals gently beckon you onboard just in time for a whiplashed transition to the gabber-style, bash-you-over-the-head beat. Have no fear — you’ll make it through and back again, from tracksuit thrash to smooth sounds for a Sunday afternoon. ありがとう!

QRTR - “Blame Me (Sasha Rome & Supertaste Remix)” 

There’s a time to experiment, and then there’s a sure thing. This gem from Brooklyn DJ QRTR, remixed through the disco dishwasher by Sasha Rome and Supertaste, has got everything you need to feel yourself on the dancefloor, including shimmering strings, digital tones, killer bass, and whispering vocals with an invitation to get down — without consequences.