KCRW Exclusive: Mapache announce new album and track premiere for 'Life On Fire'

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Los Angeles-based duo Mapache, comprised of Clay Finch and Sam Blasucci, conjure up a sound that is distinctly Southern Californian. If the Everly Brothers cruised back from a high desert road trip and landed at County Line beach and cracked a beer to watch the sunset – you’d have these guys. 

A touch of Grateful Dead Americana, a dash of David Rawlings intricate guitar work, and a few songs sung in Spanish - their ‘modern cosmic country’ is fast becoming a staple in LA venues and beyond.

Today, we’re pleased to announce their forthcoming album From Liberty Street (out 3/20 via Yep Roc Records), along with its accompanying single premiere “Life On Fire.” 

Mapache’s chemistry is undeniable and their creative circle seems to be flourishing. We had a chance to catch up with the duo to mark the album and single announcement. Read more from Clay and Sam and watch the video for “Life On Fire” below (directed by Matt Correia of Allah-Las)

KCRW: Congrats on the new album From Liberty Street! Give KCRW’s audience a sense of your sound and some of your inspirations. Maybe a bit of history and highlights of your musical journey thus far.

Clay Finch: We met in high school in LA and have been playing together since then. We’ve shared a love of country music, Grateful Dead, Mexican music, Hawaiian music amongst others. We toured Europe for the first time with our friends the Allah-Las this winter, definitely a huge highlight. Some others having been playing with Beachwood Sparks, Country Joe and the Fish, and any time we get to play in Big Sur. Getting to travel all over has been a blessing.

KCRW: I love the melding of your styles. CA Country first and foremost, with a little bit of psyched up surf, and even some hints of golden sounds you’d here only in Mexico. How did you scramble all of this together so directly and fully realized?

Clay Finch: The music landscape of Southern California is so rich. I think it’s really special to find the thread that connects so much of this music - Hawaiian slack key, Bakersfield country, Texano Norteño, Laurel Canyon Folk. There’s shared roots among all of them and they all feel part of where we come from.

KCRW: You’re intertwined with KCRW favorites Allah-Las, and have some connections with Cass McCombs and others - - is there a specific music scene in LA you gravitate towards or identify with?

Sam Blasucci: I don’t feel like we belong to a specific scene in LA. We have friends in a lot of different musical places.

Clay Finch: Pacific Range are our Homeboys. The Beachwood family, Allah-Las, Tim Hill, Austin McCutchen and the Western Stars. Those are some of my favorites and we’re all close friends 

KCRW: Thanks for spending time with us here and we’re excited to premiere your new track!