KCRW Exclusive: Michael Nau Premieres New Songs on MBE

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Maryland musician Michael Nau is a pretty unassuming guy.

Yet, in his plaid shirt – and with the requisite indie rocker beard — he played a set of new songs that completely washed over us with their smooth 70’s vibes. It was a perfect fit for a rainy day, but good for any weather.

Best known as the frontman for Page France and Cotton Jones, he recently started releasing solo work under his own name with a full length called “Some Twist” due this summer on Suicide Squeeze. He premiered FOUR new songs from that release.

I Root” was among them and his manager whispered in my ear during soundcheck that Michael thinks it might be his favorite track he’s ever written.

He also played “Love Survive”, a song that is currently available on the European pressing of his solo debut “Mowing” and has been a favorite on our airwaves since last year.

We hear Michael is contemplating a move to LA so I’d like to formally – and publicly – invite him to take the leap!


(Photos c/o: Davis Bell)