KCRW Exclusive: Spanish Gold Covers The Ghetto Brothers’ “There is Something in My Heart”

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Spanish Gold is a trio made up of drummer Patrick Hallahan (My Morning Jacket), guitarist Adrian Quesada (formerly of Grupo Fantasma) and guitarist and lead vocalist Dante Schwebel (City and Colour, formerly of Hacienda).

Their debut record “South of Nowhere” will be out in late May and we’ve been spinning the single “Out on the Street”, but I’m flipping out for a cover they’ll be releasing on Record Store Day.

The Ghetto Brothers’ “There is Something In My Heart” was a perfect pop song to begin with and they keep it super sweet and simple, with extra backing vocals that add a lot to the mix. I absolutely love it.

I asked Dante how they decided on this song to cover:

“An employee named Noah at Grimey’s in Nashville turned me on to The Ghetto Brothers.  I bought the record and almost two years later haven’t stopped listening to it.  The spirit and energy are infectious. Its Puerto Rican kids that want to be the Beatles, yet they have so much soul that it becomes uniquely their own.

I immediately turned into a south Texas adult that wanted to be a ghetto brother.”

The story behind The Ghetto Brothers is pretty incredible. They helped broker peace among gangs in the Bronx in the early 70’s and recorded the 8-song abum “Power – Fuerza” in one day. The album was reissued by Truth & Soul records in 2012.

Read more about them here and listen to the original below.

The cover will be featured on the band’s Record Store Day 7″.