KCRW Exclusive: Stream The Postelles’ 123 Stop

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The Postelles by Harper Smith

From KCRW DJ Jason Kramer:

During the middle of 2010, I was listening to my collection of music and came across an infectious song by The Postelles.  The track, “White Night”, became an immediate favorite.

They soon became a regular spin on my show. I was so excited that I would send friends the video to check out and ask for feedback, which all came back enormously positive.

Who are these guys you ask?

Well, they are a bunch of youngsters from New York City that are playing contemporary garage indie punk with strong noticeable bass lines. I just like saying that…“strong noticeable bass lines”. However, they really do, and it has groove!

Their self-titled album was produced by The Strokes’ rhythm guitarist Albert Hammond Jr who, along with the band, gave it a slight 60’s UK mod feel that included musical stabs of the rock n roll era during the 50’s.

Stream “123 Stop

From songs like the slower ballad of “Hold On” to the poppy punk sounds of “123 Stop”, the album is sure to be a favorite. You might even find yourself singing along with lead singer Daniel Balk’s punchy lyrical phrasing style.  In other words, you will feel excessively satisfied.

They are going to be on tour this year and have already sold out a bunch of shows.  This is a band that loves to tour and takes it very seriously. They pride themselves on being a band that does not use laptops — as once quoted, they like “ the feeling of you just don’t know what is going to happen next”.

True to form, the cops at a festival in Montréal did shut them down. Now that’s a band I want to see plug and play.

We’re already spinning “123 Stop” on KCRW and the record comes out on June 7 on +1 records (and is available even sooner – May 24 – on iTunes if you just can’t wait!)

Check out the video for “White Night” below and find out when they might be stopping your town here. (They’ll be in LA at the Echo on June 28!)

Track Listing:

1. White Night
2. Sleep on the Dance Floor
3. 123 Stop
4. Boy’s Best Friend
5. Can’t Stand Still
6. Hold On
7. Stella
8. Hey Little Sister
9. Whisper Whisper
10. Sound The Alarms
11. Blue Room
12. She She