KCRW Premiere: Pomona Dream feat. Def Sound – Limbo

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There is a saying: “Music has no borders…music has no country.”

In our digital age and increased dependence on social media, it is reassuring and calming when the seemingly alienating technology is used to bring us closer together.
I first met Sandra and Daniel of Swedish duo, Pomona Dream, last June when they breezed through LA to play my weekly show, Desert Nights at The Standard Hollywood. Before they arrived, their music was a staple in all my KCRW on-air sets. Theirs is a mix of future jazz, hip-hop and psyche pop – a perfect storm for listeners who are familiar with the soulful electronic sounds of Gothenburg’s Little Dragon.
When they performed, I carefully paired them with an up-coming local poet/MC by the name of Def Sound. His intense thought-provoking-consciousness-expanding flow has a gentleness to it that I thought would greatly compliment Sandra’s gorgeous voice. I knew they were kindred spirits although they had never met before. Little did I know that a Gothenburg – South Central creative love affair would soon blossom.

Fast forward nine months and many cyberspace communication sessions later, and the two are ready to share their intriguing creative debut via Los Angeles based Mango Records: Limbo.
In the words of Def Sound:
“This song is coming from a space stuffed with ballot boxes full of opinions we didn’t vote for. Only meeting and playing a show together once, we mirror where our worlds are countries away. We don’t know what’s real or what’s fake; are we fighting for a dream that is ours or someone else’s idea of who or where we should be? This song fuses these feelings together. Limbo is the moments between the moments, the choices between the choices. There is beauty in this unknown landscape called Limbo – a soundtrack to a world that is still loading yet we are asked to exist fully in. This is what that feels like, we hope you find freedom in the floating.”

It is with that we bring you Limbo.