KCRW Premiere: Sea Lions – Grown Up

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Since posting my Artist You Should Know feature on Sea Lions a little over a month ago, I was asked to write their bio for the Slumberland website.  I have now seen my words from both that blog post, and the ensuing bio quoted on several other blogs and Record/CD distribution sites. It feels amazing! Also amazing, is the fact that we’ve been offered the opportunity to premiere “Grown Up,” the first single from the Sea Lions forthcoming full length “Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Sea Lions but Were Afraid to Ask“.

The single version cuts the nifty little music box bookmarks of the album version, and instead gets straight to the really good stuff.  The excited clamor of guitars and tambourine falling over each other, the whistfully crooned backing “Oooh-oohs,” and lead singer Adrian Pillado frustratedly spitting out the lyrics to what may very well become the universal indiepop anthem. “When I was young, I always wished I could be grown up instead/Now that I’m older I’d really like to be a happy kid again.” It goes further to add “When I get home from work I feel tired and depressed/An empty room, no girlfriend to ask me how my crummy day went.”

If Sea Lions keep up the songs as good as this one, I don’t think the “empty room” problem will be around much longer…

Sea Lions – Grown Up by Slumberland Records

Marion Hodges