KCRW Premiere: Talk in Tongues Remixed by Dungen

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Lots of folks can articulately argue that time is a loop.

Often times, the people who tend to have sorted it out are people deep in the throes of a psychedelic experience. I don’t think I’m one of those people, but…

Take for example this scenario: In actuality it begins over 40 years ago, but let’s start about 15 years ago when Swedish psych-rockers Dungen start mining their country’s INSANE legacy of 70s super fuzzed out, wavy, deep psychedelic rock that becomes a kind of template for Tame Impala some 8-9 years later.

Then, those Aussie psych dudes Tame Impala carve a path through technicolor fields of Mandlebrot sets and become champions and stars of the genre that introduce it this generation.

LA’s Talk in Tongues come along with their own sun-bleached take on the sound with their first single, “Still Don’t Seem to Care“.

Drawing from everything from Pink Floyd to 90s Creation band sounds and a deep desire to create (in the words of guitarist and singer McCoy Kirgo) “big music, like something you’d hear at a fest like Glastonbury,” the result is just that.

Now, Dungen have blessed the group with a remix of “Still Don’t Seem to Care” that brings it all together.

It’s a moody trip, but it feels real good.

The single comes out in November on Fairfax Recordings. But you can catch them at Los Globos with The Wytches TONIGHT, November 10.