Ki: Theory: Artist You Should Know

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Ki:Theory’s single “I Wanna Run” –  giving it enough attention that Chris Douridas sent an email to his fellow DJs letting everyone know the proper pronunciation and a bit of an explanation via management:

“Ki” is pronounced “key”. Simply, Ki is the Japanese equivalent of Chi, so energy, life force, etc. The “Theory” part comes from String Theory.”

The track itself starts out a bit haunting and mesmerizing before the beat kicks in along with a gorgeous merging of male/female vocals (the female being Maura Davis from Virginia indie rockers Denali).  The beat is spot on and there are these whistles that give the track this interesting flair.


Digging a little deeper, I found out that, as Ki:Theory, Joel Burleson has done remixes for Daft Punk, Kings of Leon, QOTSA, Ladytron, Brazilian Girls and more. His Facebook page describes his style as “a unique amalgamation of sounds that is as much lo-fi and organic as it is forward thinking”.

I hear a new full length is on the way for early 2012 and you can download a bunch of tracks, including “ I Wanna Run”, on his website.