LA Bands to Watch in 2017

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It’s easy to be excited for the year ahead with a glance at this list of locals with new music in the works.

It was hard not to put Mondo Cozmo on the list of “Best LA Music of 2016” BUT since he hasn’t formally released an album, I’ve decided 2017 is going to be his big year. His soul-stirring song “Shine” was exactly what we all needed after an emotionally exhausting election cycle and every song we’ve heard so far is just as good! (Check out his exceptional MBE live session)

Indie pop group Electric Guest finished 2016 strong with an incredibly catchy first single from their forthcoming release. “Dear to Me” features the Haim sisters on background vocals. Those ladies are also expected to release a new album shortly. Look out for Electric Guest live on MBE on February 10.

Ty Segall by Larry Hirshowitz (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Ty Segall moved to LA from the Bay a few years ago and has been releasing music non-stop. The prolific artist sounds like no other so we are always excited about what he has cooking up. If the first single is any indication, we are in for a real treat. Catch him live on MBE on January 24.

Quartet Chicano Batman have long been local live favorites and with their March release on ATO Records, they are bringing the funk. The first single, “Friendship (Is a Small Boat In A Storm),” is an organ-driven soul jam with psychedelic guitar.

Lo Moon’s track “Loveless” is a big statement for a young band. Clocking in at 7 minutes, it’s a sweeping, atmospheric track. Fans of Beach House should dig this band, who will have an album out on Columbia.

Rockers Cherry Glazerr have been together since high school, releasing music on local label Burger Records. Now they’re signed to Secretly Canadian and we’re expecting they’ll have a bigger audience for their forthcoming full length. They’ll be live on MBE February 15. Mark your calendars.

Thundercat by Dustin Downing (The original image is no longer available, please contact KCRW if you need access to the original image.)

Bass player extraordinaire Thundercat teased that new music was on the way with the release of the very 70’s sounding song “Bus In These Streets” over the summer. No word on a release date for a new album, but I have a feeling it’s in the works. (Watch Thundercat make an appearance during George Clinton’s MBE debut)

Mac Demarco made the move to LA last year. After he gave out the address of his Rockaway, NYC abode to his fans at the end of his last album, he probably needed to seek solace on the opposite coast to record new work. The loveable and quirky indie rock singer posted a teaser on Instagram last week.

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