La Femme: Artist You Should Know

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Le Femme by Laurent Chouard

You know how things sometimes happen in waves? You find out about something cool and then all of the sudden there are references to it everywhere and everyone is talking about it.  Well, the latest object of this cool parade in my life is the Parisian band Le Femme.

DJ Dan Wilcox played them on his show last night and I was immediately taken with them. The track was from their debut full length “Psycho Tropical Berlin”. Then, this morning, DJ Travis Holcombe (filling in for the Coachella-loving Jason Bentley) played another track from the CD to kick off Morning Becomes Eclectic, the appropriately named “It’s Time to Wake Up (2023)”

I called Travis in studio and he told me the new album is full of gems and he first discovered the band when he started spinning this track off their previous EP.

There is not much info out there about the band. (well, there is a bit, but it’s in French!).

I’m completely intrigued and can’t wait to get my hands on the full album.