La Femme: Artist You Should Know

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From our NYC correspondent DJ Jason Eldredge:

la femme photoA juxtaposition of hardcore and adorable doesn’t even begin to describe the multi-layered aesthetic of the youthful and unruly La Femme out of Paris, France. Their music lands somewhere between classic surf rock, experimental electronica, and 1960’s french pop –but it is all 100% raw and fun.

The band’s current record label put the producing duties of their current EP in the capable hands of Stéphane “Alf” Briat, who previously leant his skills to other French artists such as Phoenix, MC Solaar and AIR.

Although one really needs to experience La Femme in a live setting in order to fully understand their carefree je ne sais quoi, this catchy recording of “Sur La Planche” is equally infectious and enjoyable.

Stream “Sur La Planche”

Tres tres bien!

— Jason Eldredge

LA Femme