LA Priest’s new single “Oino”, Blends Afrobeat & MTV Pop

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A substantial amount of time has elapsed since the enigmatic figure known as LA Priest released his single “Engine” which included a face melting rework by Erol Alkan.

Now, LA Priest (nee Sam Dust) has suddenly appeared with a brand new single “Oino“, from a forthcoming LP on Domino album, Inji.

The bubbly single is one of the most off the bat catchy singles I’ve heard in a minute. As undeniably catchy as it is, it doesn’t sacrifice any of it’s left field weirdness, filtering Afrobeat rhythms through early 80s synthetic MTV pop and a very modern low end.

Oino” feels like a Prince-esque William Onyeabor track covered by Matthew Wilder (of “Break My Stride” fame) released on Mad Decent or something along those lines.

It’s that rare thing that is undoubtedly it’s own thing but feels remarkably familiar in a good way.

If this is any indication…that album will be something of note.