Lake Heartbeat: Artist You Should Know

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From our NYC correspondent DJ Jason Eldredge:

trust in numbersThere are just a few official days left of summer– which, I understand sometimes doesn’t mean much to an Angelino– but here in the Big Apple, one tries to relish what they can of the dog days before the colors change and the snow starts to fall.

It’s in this spirit of eternal warm sounds that I turn to the Swedish duo, Lake Heartbeat, whose ethereal guitars and lush, easy-breezy vocals are reminiscent of some of their other countrymen like Jens Lekman or Studio. Although the band’s debut full-length, Trust In Numbers was initially put out digitally last year, the record is just now receiving a physical release stateside and bringing with it some newfound attention. Every track on the album is a veritable winner, but I recommend sliding into the song, “Blue Planet.” Take a listen to it here and let the summer live forever:

— Jason Eldredge