LAMC Preview: Babsónicos

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Babasónicos – Playing LAMC on July 12 at the Central Park Summer Stage 

For fans of: Temples, Zoé, The Virgins

As music lovers, we tend to focus on new bands and emerging artists. But every now and then we have to highlight greats who, even after 20 years of making music, have yet to reach the popularity their music deserves.

Not only do they have 11 solid studio albums, but Babasónicos‘ live shows are a smorgasbord of fan favorites and finely tuned medleys that sound amazing!

I’ve watched a lot of bands live. And to be honest… some of my favorite bands suck live. Either they don’t sound at all like their records, or they aren’t performers.

This is not the case with Babasónicos, in part because of their charismatic frontman, Adrián “Dárgelos” Rodriguez. It’s a show and it sounds big!

It’s difficult to categorize their sound, or to even describe it to someone who has never heard of them.

Because, naturally, a band that has had such a long trajectory has evolved, incorporated various genres, and incredibly managed to make music that when looking at their catalogue is of a cohesive sound.

In earlier albums, they would flirt with some electronic beats while keeping Rock as the lead.

In fact, back in the day, their inclusion of “new wave” synths and electro set them apart from most other Argentinian bands.

Present day, they’ve unapologetically combined both genres to produce an easily digestible sound that has produced a couple electro-rock bangers.

I myself was never a fan of the “Rock Nacional” that Argentina pumped out in the late 80’s & early 90’s. Bands like Soda Stereo, Virus, & Charly Garcia didn’t speak to my indie rock leaning tastes.

But when I first discovered Babasónico’s “Jessico sophomore year of college it spent about 9 months in my Discman player.

Mexico loves them, yet I’ve heard it’s touch and go in their own country… hopefully after years and years of playing to lackluster crowds in the States, this will be their moment at LAMC.