LAMC Preview: The Wookies

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Editor’s Note: The Latin Alternative Music Conference (LAMC) is July 8-12 and Pan Caliente blogger Jose Galvan previews some of the most exciting artists playing this year.

Artwork by: Yego

The Wookies  (Playing LAMC on 7/11 at the Gramercy Theater in NYC)

For Fans of: Kinky, Bajofondo, Delorean

In the running theme of, “playing electronic music with masks on your head,” that so many groups are doing these days, we get four dudes in Wookie masks out of Mexico City.

Yes, as in Star Wars… Chewbacca… Wookie.

I randomly caught them at a music festival two years ago, and the concept alone was enough to keep me at their stage to hear what the hell they might sound like.

It was surprisingly really good!

Killer disco-techno & electronica with live drums, synths and bass got the crowd moving and kept me engaged through their whole set.

Since then, I’ve seen them announced on a myriad of festivals line ups, and not just Latin music ones. Their music, much like a lot of electronica, transcends language barriers a lot easier than Rock or Hip-Hop. Plus when it’s good… well then you know the drill.

The Wookie motif does not simply end with the masks though.

They take it all the way and include hairy face beings on all stage graphics and video. Their cover art also features the Sci-fi reference in recreations of classic covers. Making me believe that unless George Lucas is under one of those masks a “cease and desist” letter might be in their future.

Sure it’s kitchy… but definitely a very fun concept to dance to while it lasts.