Leftover Cuties Added to Masquerade Line Up

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Get transported to the underground jazz clubs of 1930’s New York by the sultry crooning, tender melodies, and bittersweet lyrics of Leftover Cuties in one of the many themed rooms at the neo-gothic Park Plaza hotel on Saturday, October 30 during KCRW’s Halloween Ball Masquerade!

Liz MacDonald, KCRW’s Executive Producer of Events, and I ran into this band playing to a cozy crowd in front of a fire at Casa Del Mar a few Fridays ago and they totally caught our attention. We truly felt like we had entered another era and we thought – well, isn’t that what Halloween is about (aside from the ghosts and ghouls, of course).

I’ve always been a fan of reenacting vintage characters and eras over horrific blood and gore when it comes to costuming and Leftover Cuties fit the bill visually and musically. If you recognize their single, it might be because it’s the theme to the Showtime series “The Big C.”

For more on Masquerade, go here! Tickets are on sale and its going to be a fantastic party. I plan on buying my costume today, fingers crossed.