Liechtenstein: Artist You Should Know

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From DJ Marion Hodges:

LiechensteinLiechtenstein have been operating in the shadows of so many cool things for roughly the past three years. The Swedish girl foursome has released a couple of strong singles on frontwoman own Fraction Discs Label, a full length record last year on the indie pop stalwart Slumberland Records, and naturally gone through a line-up change or two.

The last time that I filled in for Nic Harcourt, I played the band’s newest single — far and away the most exciting thing they’ve given us to date. I’ve played the song, “Passion for Water,” on KCRW many a time before, but this time it caught the attention of our very own RR.

Stream “Passion For Water”

I was so pleased to hear that of all of the songs that I played during that program, it was the Liechtenstein track that most piqued her interest.

Passion for water_If the slightly more subtle and sophisticated notes of a project like Liechtenstein, with their impeccable harmonies, and exceedingly clever employment of the trumpet became the wave of next year, I’d be thrilled.

“Passion for Water”
also proved to be a strong enough single to have all of my fellow Hungry Beat! DJs in complete agreement that it belonged on our first sampler CD.

We’ll be pressing a few more of those CDs, and putting together a grab bag of vinyl pulled from our very own record collections to give away TONIGHT, Friday December 17 during our Christmas party at Tony’s Saloon! (2017 East 7th Street – Downtown L.A.) Hope to see you there!

Marion Hodges