Light Asylum: Artist You Should Know

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Light Asylum have been doing the rounds, perfecting their kinetic live show by touring and performing at what seems like a million festivals for a couple of years now and playing shows with TV on the Radio, Yacht, and Salem.

The Brooklyn duo is composed of Bruno Coviello (who does all the spectacular programming and synth-play) and Shannon Funchess (who brings her gorgeously emotive bellow and supreme levels of bad-assery to the unit.) And when they’re not performing, they’re out and about supporting their friends. I met Shannon walking through the dusty fields of the polo stables at last year’s Coachella, and she was sweet but as a commanding presence as she is on-stage.

There’s a goth-i-ness to their sound which is reminiscent of late 80s Wax Trax sounds, but like all that stuff at it’s best, the hooks are exquisitely pop and choruses anthemic. Although the comparison has surely been made before, they feel like a continuation of the work the Q Lazzarus started with “Goodbye Horses” and abruptly finished…here’s to hoping that they keep at it because what they’re doing and how they’re doing it is something truly special and rare.

Knights and Week Ends by LIGHT ASYLUM

I started my set at Masquerade 2 years ago with their “Knights and Weekends” and am insanely super excited to be playing records at their next LA show at the NHMLA for First Fridays in February, presented by KCRW. Find out more about the series and ticket info here.

And if you happen to be going to Austin for SXSW, they are without question a “Must See” band.

(photo by Matthew Hise)