[Listen] KCRW Exclusive: Motopony — Wait for Me

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With exceptional new music from Fleet Foxes, James Vincent McMorrow, Sean Rowe and others, it’s clear that folk is making a comeback – especially with artists like these that give it a new spin. The only thing that is consistent among them is that they tug at your heartstrings (and sometimes bring a tear to your eye).

Motopony is the perfect example of that – the song “Wait for Me” is not only gorgeous but it somehow manages to trigger ALL my emotions instantaneously. It doesn’t make me sad, even though it seems filled with sorrow. In fact, it makes me happy, because it proves music can still move me in unexpected ways. And no matter how much music I listen to, there is still more room in my heart for another song that makes me feel deeply.

Stream “Wait for Me”

I ran into the studio the first time Jason played it on Morning Becomes Eclectic. A trusted resource sent him the track but we later found out it wasn’t even mastered yet and he wasn’t supposed to air it on the radio! But he kept spinning it anyway –  almost everyday since.

From Jason:  “Motopony is an automatic for the KCRW airwaves. The lyric and musicality is magnetic. It sounds fresh yet familiar, and caught my ear straight away.”

Motopony’s self-titled debut will be out on May 24.