Little Red Lung: Local Band We Love

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One of my favorite things about MTV were the videos. They were windows into a band’s sound. An added artistic vision to the music.

It’s easy to remember the iconic videos, even for songs I didn’t really care for. Steve Perry’s girlfriend descending from the top of the staircase at the legendary Park Plaza (Masquerade was great this year, wasn’t it?) the cubist animation of Dire Straits’ ode to said music video channel. Those days of MTV are long gone, but the videos bands are making today are just as good if not better than what we saw back in the heyday.

Little Red Lung are not only a wonderfully complex pop project, but very creative with how their music is packaged. Beautifully detailed artwork on their website, flyers and demos. They’re newest video for my favorite song of theirs, “50 Fingers“, was directed by Sarah Sitkin and is both beautiful and haunting… and just in time for Halloween.

50 Fingers from Sarah Sitkin on Vimeo.

Their live show is just as nuanced. Catch them for their triumphant return to LA after touring the south. They play at the Bootleg Bar on November 7th with Mr. Gnome. Get a preview by streaming their entire EP.

Adventurous music perfectly suited for the expanded minds of KCRW listeners.

Chuck P.