Local Natives are Back with Breakers

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I listened to the new Local Natives song “Breakers” with a lot of excitement and great trepidation. They are easily my favorite local band and their debut “Gorilla Manor” is still something I listen to often, even though I’ve heard it a gazillion times and a bunch of other CDs are begging for my attention. It’s just a great album.

After a sold out gig at Walt Disney Concert Hall in February of last year, they pretty much disappeared to record their followup. They started local and then ended up recording it in New York with The National’s Aaron Dessner.

Their harmony driven indie rock is still fully intact and, in fact, sounds even more epic. It’s a swoon-worthy – love those “oohs!” – hint at what we can expect from their highly anticipated sophomore album “Hummingbird”.

They are headed to Europe for a tour and will be playing a show at the El Rey on the day of their album release, January 29.

And here’s a reminder of why I’m still obsessed with their debut.