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Extra! Extra! We are one step closer to “The Singularity*”!

Yesterday afternoon, via their Facebook page Fleet Foxes linked to a Kickstarter page to raise funds to complete a film project being directed by frontman Robin Pecknold’s brother (and sometime Fleet Foxes video director) Sean Pecknold. Still with me?

Alright hold on.

The film project (which will feature a score by the Fleet Foxes frontman) is called, “The Internet – A Blog Cats WTF Universe,” and promises to be an absurd fiction that revolves around the existential crisis of one of the world’s “best LOLcat caption writers.”

Admittedly, I am not a huge fan of Fleet Foxes’ soothing brand of neo-Americana and as I am deathly allergic to cats it would seem to most that this is not something I’d be into. In fact, although it’s been heavily disputed, I believe that a cat will totally eat it’s owners eyeballs if the owner were to croak. Also, every cat I meet looks at me like it knows it could kill me if sat on my face. I don’t like cats dude. I don’t like ’em!

However, I do understand why people dig on the Fleet Foxes sweet harmonics and there really is nothing quite as entertaining as a great LOLcat. (A cat in an astronaut costume gets me. EVERY TIME.)

So, I for one plan on contributing because this movie could potentially be the LOLcat lover’s 2001.

More screens! More links! More Cats in Astronaut costumes playing keyboards!!!

(*The Singularity is the theoritcal Internet/Information Age Apocalypse of sorts. The point at which artificial intelligence actually surpasses human intelligence. Hopefully, the point at which a hologram version of the Klaxons’ LOLcat launches itself into space on a rocket while simultaneously solving the world’s energy crisis.)