Lord Huron: Local Band We Love

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Last year, there were rumblings on the local scene that Lord Huron, a project from Michigan native-turned-Angeleno Ben Schneider, was one to keep an eye on. They put out a couple EPs – “Mighty” and “Into the Sun” — and played bunch around town and beyond…and then all seemed to go quiet.

Just recently I heard that he is preparing to release his debut full length on beloved local label IAMSOUND on October 9. THEN I finally heard some of the new songs. I was pretty blown away.

Ends of the Earth by Lord Huron

Lord Huron’s music always had gorgeous harmonies and lush melodies, but these new songs are much more commanding and the level of production is significantly higher.

The album is called “Lonesome Dreams”, which is evocative on its own, and the songs are influenced by Schneider “outdoor explorations, landscape, and water in particular”. Check out the video for “Time to Run” below for a visual component.