Los Girls – On My Mind

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(Los Girls is a new project from KCRW DJ Anthony Valadez. He tells us how it came about and shares a track below!)

Los Girls came about while working on my follow up record for LA indie label Plug Research.  I had these incredible sessions with multi-instrumentalist Nick Rosen, who would swing through my Venice studio from time to time.

We began creating these amazing outtakes with cello and guitars.  Rosen would leave and I would take samples of his work and loop certain portions and soon this project began to take life.

We had originally figured we would just release this ourselves and began recording with complete freedom. So much freedom, in fact, we would take breaks and take a dip in the Pacific ocean during our breaks then return and hit play to see where we left of.

We just wanted to make the weirdest thing ever, but it turned out to be far from it — rather just some cool melodies that we would enjoy after a night on the town.

Stream “On My Mind”:

I traveled to NY and began doing field recordings of subways, streets, arguments and the sounds of the Big Apple. When I returned back to LA,I sprinkled these sounds into the EP to give it life and ambience. It completely worked.

At the end of the day we had crafted an EP that allowed us to explore different sounds and colors that were outside of our musical boundaries. And we dig it!

–Anthony Valadez

Los Girls’ self-titled EP is out now on Plug Research. You can also get a free download of their track “Somewhere” via Soundcloud and stream it below!