Magic Kids: Artist You Should Know

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From DJ Marion Hodges:

Magic Kids are a pop BAND.  Each song on their debut album “Memphis,” a nod to the Tennessee city they call home, has the distinct feel of a group of people working together in a very harmonious fashion. They’ve crafted each piece of each song into a grandiose spectacle of sound, with the ultimate result of an eleven track, twenty-eight minute, blast of fun. Check out their new video for the song “Superball.”

Basically, “Memphis” is the exact kind of record that will make you want to dance around the kitchen in your pajamas while you sing along into a hairbrush, and then lift the needle the second it’s over and do the whole thing again.

I know it’s not uncommon these days to see a blog post gushing about a new band with heavy influences from ‘60s pop singles (especially one written by me). Still, what’s most striking to me about Magic Kids is that they really go for it with every element (strings! keys! drumpads!) orchestrated to near perfection. In doing this, they’ve created an honest to goodness – and honestly good – bubblegum pop record for the new millennium.

Magic Kids will play FYF Fest on September 4, and I’m fully expecting to leave the performance feeling all dizzy, and sugar high-like.