MALCOLM: The Podcast – Episode 3

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New Malcolm imageIt’s always an adventure when I venture into MALCOLM, KCRW’s digital submission system, as you never know exactly what you’re going to hear.

The diversity of sounds from the music we get sent is exciting, from the variety of genres represented to the degrees of production (or lack thereof) utilized.

Recent listening sessions revealed a number of terrific new artists worth celebrating in another edition of the MALCOLM Podcast, available for listening & downloading here.

This batch includes a number of local newcomers, such as Modern Pantheist, who feature a Beck-like sense of screwball pop, as well as the hypnotic melodies of Cloud.

There’s also the garage-rock crunch of Seattle’s Widerange Hum and the groovy soul-jazz vibes of Brooklyn’s aStridd, among a number of other cool new artists.

Check it out yourself, and if you have your own music you’d like to submit to KCRW & maybe hear on a future MALCOLM Podcast, check out for info!



French Horn Rebellion – “Caaalifornia” (feat. Ghost Beach)
Modern Pantheist – “Ego Blues”
Widerange Hum – “Marie”
Cloud – “Cherry Dip”
The Neighborhood Bullys – “I’m Bored, Let’s Fight”
aStridd – “Beautiful Catastrophe”
Tactus – “Red Tide”