Mario Cotto’s Coachella Picks

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MARIO-COTTO-300x300 Orbital – Firstly, at some point late last year…I jumped on a Coachella Wishlist Bulletin Board and simply wrote “Orbital.” So, A) this is proof that if you ask the universe for something, you can get it. Also, B) that I’m magic. Actually, the Hartnoll Brothers (and their lightglasses) are magic and hearing Halcyon + On + On, The Box, and/or Beached in the middle of a starry desert night could potentially alter everyone’s DNA.

Flying Lotus – Speaking of altering DNA, I recently had the privilege of hearing some of FlyLo’s new joints at the Gonjasufi show at the Echoplex. It was the most glitchy cosmic jazz experience I could imagine having…and it BUMPED…AND I can’t wait to see him again.

Pavement – Last year, when I heard Pavement was doing a Reunion Show in New York, I got tickets to the second show. Good thing too, as they go on at the same time as Orbital. D’oh!

Gil Scott-Heron – Gil Scott-Heron.

Local Natives – I’ve never seen these dudes, except for on MBE, needless to say, I’m very excited to see them. I predict that there’ll be a sweet desert breeze when they start playing “Wide Eyes.” It will seem like a miracle.

Yeasayer – My brother Marcos is coming out from Philly in no small part to see these psych-electronic dudes get live. I’ll be the O.N.E. wigging out when they play “O.N.E.” (See what I did there?)

Major Lazer – I predict that when Diplo and Switch rock “Keep It Goin’ Louder” everyone is going to strip down to their underswears and people’s heads will be exploding like that Dave Chappelle sketch. I’m going to wear a raincoat in case.

Erol Alkan – E.R.O.L. keeps kids dancing.

Oh, And……

Faith No More – When I was a kid, we had MTV for like 6 months. I used to hope and pray that “Falling to Pieces” would come on, not just because it was such a rad song, but to try to figure out how they got the fish to explode. My dad came downstairs one day when I was watching the video and thought it was Nickelodeon…until the fish started blowing up. The cable got shut off pretty soon after.