Matt “Money” Smith is Our Guest DJ

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Working daily in the KCRW Music Library, listening to all the new submissions, cataloging the new additions, refiling the older records – every once in a while I’ll need to cleanse the palate! Besides blissful silence, one of my regular go-to palate cleansers is sports talk radio, and my favorite show to catch is the Petros & Money Show, heard nationally on the Fox Sports Radio network.

I was excited to invite one of the hosts, Petros Papadakis, to join us as a Guest DJ a couple of years ago. And while he was a blast (and a KCRW fan to boot), I knew I wouldn’t be satisfied until I could “complete the pair,” and host his partner, Matt “Money” Smith as well.

I knew Matt was also familiar with KCRW, having appeared on Warren Olney’s “Which Way LA” & “To the Point” numerous times to discuss sports-related topics. And as it turns out, he had also visited the station during his time as a radio promotion guy for Dreamworks Records, bringing in artists to perform on Morning Becomes Eclectic.

This month, I got my wish. And Matt didn’t disappoint, regaling us with stories of the Chicago hardcore scene of his youth, as well as interning at KROQ and introducing them to Sublime. And his relationship with the late Elliott Smith, dating from when he worked at Dreamworks, made for a particularly poignant conclusion to the set.

Matt “Money” Smith Talks About Elliott Smith on KCRW’s Guest DJ Project by KCRW

Listen to the full set here.

I’ve run into Petros as various sporting events around town, including hosting pre-game broadcasts at Dodger Stadium, and I expect I’ll see Matt around too. Knowing that they are both KCRW & good music fans makes them #1 in my rankings!

Matt ” Money” Smith Guest DJ Tracklist

1. West End Blues- Louis Armstrong
2. Friend of the Devil- Grateful Dead (Live)
3.Rat Patrol- Naked Raygun
4.Boss DJ- Sublime
5.Waltz #2- Elliott Smith