Matt Woods: Artist You Should Know

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Matt Woods’ vocal ability jumped out at me right away.

In a recent conversation with the British singer, he told me a story of how he began.  Hegrew up in the town of Cornwall, England and got his natural abilities from his mother, who was a professional singer.

Woods attended university in London, at Imperial College, where he loved to perform Beatles covers. It wasn’t until a year after college that he got a chance to go into the studio. That session would become his first EP, “Wash Me Clean”.

After school, he went busking around Europe and lived in Ghent, Belgium for two months, carrying around his amp and guitar. Occasionally, he found small shows to play.  His ticket into the industry came when met Jake Gosling, a well-known producer who’s guided artist like Ed Sheeran to fame.

For his second EP, he added electronic sounds to his heartfelt and provocative lyrics.  “In The Dark” evokes darker tones and it’s expanded his artistic ability

Check out the new song called ” Impression”.