Mazzy Star Comes Back With “California”

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After a nearly 2 decade hiatus, Santa Monica dream pop group Mazzy Star have made a completely unexpected return to the alternative spotlight. On Tuesday, they announced a new album, “Seasons of Your Day“, set for release on September 24.

As if they’d been hermetically sealed for the last 17 years, amazing vocalist Hope Sandoval and guitarist David Roback’s first new single, “California” sounds as velvety and haunted as anything on their breakthrough album “So That Tonight I Might See“.

Consistent with the spare production that made them a cult success, “California” wouldn’t sound out of place in a Lynchian folk goth coffee shop or being sung by a woman taking a short break from building a Wicker Man.

It’s mesmerizing (in their words) “music for lovers, music for broken hearts” that has me looking forward to the fall.