Megafaun: Artist You Should Know

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My holiday break was full of magical musical moments – from road trips to a trip to Amoeba —  but one of my favorites was discovering the new(ish) Megafaun album amongst my stacks of CDs and then putting it on at the best possible time: at sundown after a cruise down PCH enjoying a beautiful California day.

The first track on the album “Real Slow” is a meditative folk jam complete with banjo and some lovely “ooooohs”. As Pitchfork says in their review, “From the patiently unfurling opener “Real Slow” to rousing gospel closer “Everything“, Megafaun trudge over a terrific amount of sonic ground”. The album was also among DJ Liza Richardson’s top picks of the year.

Obviously it’s a late discovery for me, but yet another reminder of how much great music is out there if you can stumble across it. And to not judge bands by their name. For some reason, I thought Megafaun was metal for the longest time. But it’s not, it’s psychedelic folk for sure.

The band is a trio from North Carolina and if you missed their self-titled album in 2011 like I did, I recommend grabbing it as early into 2012 as possible.