Mike Watt Live on KCRW

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Mike Watt would be gracing out studios, there was one person I had to tell immediately –Connie Alvarez, KCRW’s volunteer coordinator and producer of “Bookworm”. You see, she’s a true Angeleno, born and raised here, and has told me stories over the years of seeing various SoCal punk bands at backyard parties and beyond during her teenage years.

I feel like I missed a critical part of music culture having moved here just 10 years ago and it’s a great reminder of how Cali has been a breeding ground for so many influential bands.

The Minutemen – the punk band co-founded by Mike Watt in San Pedro during the early ‘80s – most certainly is one of them.

Watt is one of the most acclaimed bass players in modern rock history and has had a wildly varied career since the Minuteman, playing for the reunited Stooges and releasing a number of solo albums, most recently with his band the Missingmen.  His latest is a rock opera of sorts and he gave us a preview in studio.

Check out highlight “Arrow-Pierced-Egg-Man” and watch/listen to the full session here.

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